5 ways to make your coffee healthier

5 ways to make your coffee healthier

With the following five steps, you will be able to successfully achieve good health as well as keeping your cup of java. If a survey can be conducted in the private and free community, most women would report coffee to be the most challenging food item which they would temporarily remove from their diet. We all love coffee for the various health benefits it brings about hence we should not consider eliminating it from our diet.

Why consider healthier coffee

Just to clarify this, there is a big difference between needing a cup of coffee each morning and loving your cup of coffee. If you find it hard to skip your cup of coffee each morning, you might get addicted to caffeine (a substance found in coffee). Though caffeine affects different people different ways, the basic mechanism behind this substance is alike for everyone. Basically your brain tells you whether you are tired by the use of a neurotransmitter known as adenosine. Higher amount of adenosine makes you feel more tired. Taking caffeine will therefore prevent the reaction of adenosine on your brain hence you feel more alert. The caffeine will also trigger the release of cortisol which also help in making you feel alert. There is a proper ways to enjoy your morning coffee without experiencing any negative side effects. Use the below five tricks to healthier coffee.

  1. Bean type

The first step to a healthier coffee is to consider whether you should choose caffeinated coffee or a decaf. If you think you have adrenal fatigue or a HPS dysregulation, you may choose decaf. If you think you have been stressed enough and reduction of stress level might work best for you, you may want to choose decaf. However, you should beware that not all decaf coffee is a good for you since the decaffeination process might have involved the use of chemicals rendering it unhealthy. Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee have been highly preferred since they use water in the decaffeination process with no chemicals. The various types of coffee which have undergone a healthier and safe decaffeination process are identified and more expensive compared to the regular decaf coffee.

Should you choose a whole grain or ground coffee bean? Whole coffee bean are the best choice. The shell in the whole coffee bean helps prevent the oxidation of the actual bean hence the coffee does not lose its precious flavor.

  1. Bean quality

Bean quality is an important consideration based on healthier coffee. Mycotoxins (important elements found in coffee) should as well be considered. Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites which are produced by microfungi and are capable of causing diseases such as kidney disease, hypertension, cancer, cardiomyopathy or even death in both human beings and other animals. The demand of pesticides in coffee production is high as it helps in production of a beautiful bean. Coffee beans which have been organically grown are free of chemical residue. These beans have a richer flavor and are fuller compared to the conventionally grown coffee. Organically grown coffee bean have proved to be good for our health. It is therefore recommended that you purchase an organic single origin Arabica coffee beans (whole grain) from highlands.

  1. Brewing

This entails the maximizing of coffee taste. The various methods of brewing coffee include French press, dripping, instant, single serve pod and cold brew. Avoid coffee brewing method which involve the use of paper as they tend to lower the levels of diterpenes. Cold brew and French press methods are effective for brewing the freshly ground coffee beans. Cold brew process lead to the retaining of less caffeine as compared to French press though will be less acidic and taste fruitier. French press process is the richest and smoothest brewing method.

  1. Cut out sugar

You have now managed to select the healthiest coffee bean and successfully brewed it using a method which gives it a super flavor. You lastly want to add sugar which is a toxic chemical to your healthy cup of tea. This step is a bit challenging since most people have been addicted to sugar and not the coffee. Most people add sugar to coffee to help cover up the bitter taste of coffee. However, a high quality organic coffee does not produce any bitter taste. To help eliminate sugar in your cup of coffee, upgrade your coffee bean.

  1. Add fat and protein

Proteins and fat gives you a good start of the day compared to sugar and carbohydrates as well as making a significant difference in your emotions. This makes it one of the greatest steps to healthier coffee.