How Long Is Brewed Coffee Good For?

How Long Is Brewed Coffee Good For?

Around the world, millions of people brew delicious coffee as part of their morning ritual. As you already know, coffee is rich in caffeine, a stimulant that has been found to have tons of benefits. For starters, caffeine is rich in anti oxidants which helps to fight free radicals. In addition, it has anti inflammatory properties which help to fight chronic inflammation. As a result, it protects you against diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases among others.

So, how long is brewed coffee good for?

According to studies, 30 minutes to 1 hour is how long brewed coffee is good for especially if the coffee was stored in a coffee pot. If it’s stored in an air tight thermos, the double walled flask will help to reflect heat back in the container thus keeping your coffee fresh for longer.

Another reason that affects how long brewed coffee is good for is the type of beans used. If the beans are stale, they will produce stale coffee ground which in turn will produce stale coffee.

So, why is it that freshly brewed coffee takes less time before getting stale?

Before brewing coffee, a vast majority of people usually start by roasting the coffee beans. During this process, the coffee is exposed to air. As a result, the process of oxidation starts. This process continues as you grind the beans. Have you ever seen the browning effect that starts to occur after slicing an apple? That is oxidation.

The process of oxidation has a significant impact on coffee beans especially on the taste. During storage, the process of oxidation usually slows down but when they are ground, it starts to accelerate again. This is because a much larger surface area is exposed to air.

Oxidation usually does not end after the coffee beans have been ground. Once the beans come into contact with water, the coffee ground will start to release acids and aromatics in the water. This is what helps to produce a rich flavored cup of Joe. If the roasted coffee beans were ground while still fresh, the pot of brewed coffee can last more than hour. It can last for more if the coffee is stored in an air tight thermos.

What happens if you use stale coffee beans?

Coffee ground made from stale coffee beans is usually subjected through the process of oxidation. As a result, it will have a stale taste even after brewing. Unlike milk or other foods which starts to give off a rotten smell when they go bad, coffee beans don’t. To know if the coffee beans or coffee ground is stale, check the expiry date as listed on the package.

Drinking stale coffee is not dangerous. The only thing you will experience is the unpleasant taste. Remember; never drink coffee that has been in the pot for more than 1 ½ hours.

How do you ensure that your freshly brewed pot of coffee lasts long?

First and foremost, you will need an airtight thermos, freshly ground coffee beans and enough space in your refrigerator. Secondly, prepare a large batch of coffee that will last you a day. Make sure that you stick to black coffee. Don’t add any cream, sugar or milk. This will reduce the length of time your coffee is able to stay fresh. In addition, mixing the above components with black coffee will not be pleasant especially when reheating.

Thirdly, take your air tight thermos or glass container and clean it thoroughly. The reason why we are using an air tight glass container is because it won’t stain or even retain flavor. Avoid metallic containers because the acid in the coffee may have a reaction with the container. If you are planning to take the coffee with you, store it in a travel mug or even carry the air tight thermos.

Lastly, if you store the coffee in your fridge, it can last for long especially if it’s stored as black coffee. After using the air tight container or thermos, make sure it’s cleaned thoroughly after emptying the contents. Use hot soapy water before rinsing and drying the container or travel mug.

Is your morning brewed coffee safe to drink in the afternoon?

Well, it depends on how you stored the coffee. If the coffee was left in the pot, reheating it will not take the unpleasant taste away. As said earlier, coffee left in the pot lasts for 30 minutes to 1 hour only. From there onwards, it begins to go rancid. The reason why coffee goes bad after an hour is because the aromatic and oils start to go bad thus altering the taste.

Even when you opt to microwave the coffee, it still won’t solve the problem. Why? When you heat the coffee, certain parts will be warmed up while other parts will be left with pockets of cold. As a result, bacteria will still thrive.

Final Thoughts

Drinking black coffee after several hours is not prohibited. If it was left in the pot, the taste would be unpleasant. If it was stored in an air tight container, this would have slowed down the process of oxidation. As a result, coffee stored in an air tight thermos or container can be reheated and consumed several hours after it was brewed. Just remember not to add milk when brewing as this will make the coffee to go bad. If the taste of the black coffee is not good several hours later, just brew a fresh pot.