Why You Should Never Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach

Why You Should Never Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach

One of the first things we do in the morning is taking a cup of coffee. What you should know is that there are several health risks you expose yourself to. That’s because if you drink coffee on empty stomach, the possible health effects include damaging your stomach lining and causing heartburn and indigestion. Additional effects include reducing your ability to focus and increasing anxiety. Experts recommend that you consume coffee in the early afternoon or mid-morning for the best results.

Remember that consuming coffee offers you several health benefits which include protecting your brain from dementia. It also makes you alert, but only if you drink it after consuming other food or cereals. For many people, coffee acts as the best way to start their day, meaning you need to ensure you drink it the recommended way. In this article, we’ll look at reasons why you should avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach in detail.

  What Happens When You Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach?

  You Damage Your Stomach’s Lining

When you take coffee before eating anything, your digestive system is affected several ways. For instance, it will make the stomach to start producing acid, which means if you haven’t consumed anything, you will damage the lining of the stomach. The result will be heartburn and indigestion. Keep in mind that this scenario also applies to decaffeinated coffee.

  Results in Withdrawal Effects, Jitters and Shakes

Another effect of drinking coffee on empty stomach is that may cause you to experience mood changes, shakes, jitters and other withdrawal symptoms. You can also have anxiety, increased heart rate, inability to focus and irritability, which may affect your relationship with friends and relatives. Keep in mind that for you to lead a better lifestyle, you need to be friendly to others.

  Affects Your Circadian Rhythm

An additional negative effect of drinking coffee without having consumed anything is it disrupts your circadian rhythm. Your body releases a hormone called cortisol the moment you wake up. It makes you feel energized and alert. However, the moment you drink coffee, you decrease your cortisol levels, which means you will feel tired and slow. That means instead of you feeling energized after talking coffee, you will now feel tired and sleepier. For the best outcome, you should consider brewing your coffee as the day goes by.

  What to Do


  • Make sure when you wake, you prepare a balanced breakfast before taking coffee. That will ensure your body prepares itself for the effects of coffee. For instance, make sure you have whole grain bread and some healthy snacks.


  • When buying coffee brands, make sure you check their caffeine strength. That will ensure you choose varieties that suit your health needs. Consider reading online reviews of the best coffee brands to ensure you only buy quality ones.


  • For the best outcome, make sure you brew your cup of coffee in the mid-morning or early afternoon. That will ensure you get the benefits of coffee while also allowing some time for the body to accommodate it. That will ensure you by the time you go to sleep, your body will have utilized the coffee.


  • Check the amount of sugar in your coffee. The reason is an excessive intake of sugar may affect your health. Among the effects could be increased risks of getting some types of diabetes and losing your focus on losing weight.


  • Ensure you workout after consuming coffee, that’s after eating something. It will enable your body to utilize the energy that this drink generates.


  • Make sure you drink water. It will enable you to rehydrate yourself after consuming this hot beverage.


The above informative article on why you should never drink coffee on an empty stomach should make you enjoy the benefits of coffee. If you have taken coffee for years without experiencing any of the above effects, you can continue enjoying your favorite drink. However, experts recommend that you pair your caffeine intake with some hearty breakfast of some snack, that’s if you’re feeling hungry.


Remember that this drink protects your brain from dementia and makes you feel energized. It means for you to experience the best health results, you should make sure you consume a balanced diet before drinking it. Remember to buy the best brands in the market, which will enable you to get value for your money.